International Award-Winning Master Artist
Certified Professional Photographer

Pictured here is me with my two afghan hounds, Lila and Pistachio. We are all quite silly and playful by nature and I think the photograph captures that quite well!

A lifelong rider, I grew up loving animals. If childhood holds the blueprint for one's destiny in life, then it was obvious what I would grow up to be. I loved animals from the very beginning, playing with my stuffed animals and plastic horses way more than with my dolls! And at the very young age of 4, I was already drawing pictures of horses and dogs on whatever media I could find, including seashells, and selling them to a kindly neighbor woman down the street for a nickel or a glass of milk with a cookie or two.

I settled into the profession of Graphic Design early on in my life, and for a hobby, I photographed horses and landscapes. Eventually my love of photography and animals evolved into a full-time career photographing horses and pets. Always looking for artistic ways to work with my photographs, before long I began creating beautiful mixed-media paintings, and I've won many international awards for my work, including the coveted Canon Par Excellence Award for Artwork.

All that aside, my passion is to create for you a beautiful painting of your beloved horse or pet! I believe that the digital age has cast aside the beauty and heirloom nature of a beautiful wall portrait. But a digital image living in the Cloud can never capture the memories and the special love we have for our fur babies. We can't hold a digital file in our hands, or touch it, or walk by a beautiful portrait hanging on our wall that always reminds us of our love and the life we shared.

I have tried to create a very simple and reasonably priced option for you to have that special painting of your pet or horse. Please call or email me, and we can talk about the process and costs to make this happen.

I so look forward to hearing from you!

All my Best--